The Architecture and Welfare Network has a Nordic base of researchers from AHO and UiO in Norway, KADK and UCPH in Denmark and ArkDes, CTH, KTH and MAH in Sweden. The network has arranged a number of seminars on the relationship between architecture and welfare in the Scandinavian countries, and connects several current and completed research projects. 

Current projects
Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes (WELLAND) UCPH
Spaces of Danish Welfare KADK
Restoring the Welfare State AHO

Completed projects
Forming Welfare KADK
Architecture in the Making: Architecture as a Making Discipline and Material Practice Chalmers, KTH, LTH
Architecture in Effect. Rethinking the Social in Architecture KTH
The Architecture of Deregulations: Politics and Postmodernism in Swedish Building 1975–1995 KTH
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