The project “Nordic Models of Welfare and Architecture” will critically examine the Nordic Model from the perspectives of architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism through three workshops in Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm.
The working hypothesis is that there are several models for architecture and welfare in play in the Nordic context, with similarities and differences that can be identified during the workshops. The workshop series will aim to develop new research topics based on the mapping of inter-Nordic and international influences in architecture and welfare, seen through past and present developments that have been part of welfare state expansion, consolidation and erosion, and through specific transformations in welfare institutions, as well as the changes in reception that have formed in each Nordic country. 

The workshops held in the participating countries will provide the basis for exchanging knowledge between ongoing research projects on post-war landscape architecture, architecture and planning. The series of workshops is designed to establish a common ground for research on architecture and welfare in the Nordic countries, by progressing from general questions of international influences, differences and similarities, through the more specific discussions of changing institutions of welfare state architecture to the different stories of historiography and reception of welfare state architecture. The project consists of three workshops: the first, ‘Welfare and the Recent Past’, will be held in Oslo 1.–2 October 2018; the second, ‘Changing Welfare’, will be held in Copenhagen in 9.-10. April 2019; the third, ‘Receptions and Historiographies’, will be held in Stockholm autumn 2019. Exploring Nordic Models of Architecture and Welfare is anchored in the research network for architecture and welfare.

Project leader:
Thordis Arrhenius KTH, Sweden

Project participants:
Ellen Braae UCPH, Denmark
Espen Johnsen UiO, Norway
Helena Mattsson KTH, Sweden
Christina Pech ArkDes, Sweden
Deane Simpson KADK, Denmark
Guttorm Ruud Coordinator, AHO, Norway

Exploring Nordic Models of Architecture and Welfare is anchored in the inter-Scandinavian research network for architecture and welfare.
Nordic Models of Architecture and Welfare is funded by